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Tweaked Beef& Noodles Recipe

Are you looking for a yummy meal to make for your family with ground beef and noodles?

In the midst of meal planning and grocery shopping, haha I hate to admit that I didn't realize I had a lot of food in the deep freezer that had to be used up or it would go bad. Not to mention that it would also mean losing $$$Money and no one likes that, especially with rising food costs!

Of course, I utilized the famous Google search engine and came upon the recipe found on and tweaked it a bit. I added more Italian seasonings and used a beef bouillon cube broken down into 2 cups of hot water.

After cooking up this tweaked version of Beef and Noodles, I am glad to say it ended up being a hit with my family because it was delicious!

Here is the tweaked version of the Beef and Noodles from

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